How to purchase a domain name

Step 1: Pick a Name

Deciding on a name is the most important part of purchasing a name. The simplest way to find is a name is available is through Instant Domain Search. They provide and easy way to instantly see if your domain name is available for purchase.

Search for a domain at Instant Domain Search:

Step 2: Find A Place To Purchase Your Domain

A lot of website will advertise extremely low prices, as low as $2 for the first year! After the first year though, they will charge you over $20 for the remaining years. While $20 a year doesn’t seem that expensive, we prefer to go through NameCheap. They only charge $10.69 a year.

Purchase a domain at NameCheap:

Step 3: Purchase Your Domain

Now that you have your domain name picked out and a place to purchase it, you are ready to purchase your domain. Most domain sites have a place to search for a domain name to purchase. Search for your domain, add it to your cart and purchase it!

Some domain register sites include whois protection (whois protection helps protect your information from being discovered by others looking up your domain), you may choose to purchase this separately if they do not include it with your initial purchase.

If you have any questions on how to purchase a domain name, do not hesitate to contact me!

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